• Positive Living

    "It is the tendency which our thought is taking...the dominant attitude of our mind-if every day is a little better, a little happier, a little mor...
  • Take Deliberate Action and Choose to Move

    We are at a choice point. The definition of choice point is a decision that moves us from purpose and meaning through thoughtful consideration into action. 
  • Celebrating Twenty-Seven Years of Being Better Together

    A LOVE note from US to You-how vulnerability, trust and growing keeps our marriage awake to our purpose.
  • Think Globally-Act Locally

    We are called to move the world by moving our minds. How awesome is it to truly embrace this truth and leverage your mind-muscle to make the world more magnificent through your thinking and actions?!
  • Optimism and a Life Well-Lived

    One of the ways you can show up every day, being and doing your best is by having an attitude of optimism. When you show up for your life with an optimistic mindset, you begin building a life of abundance, peace, and fulfillment. Choosing to see yourself and the world on the bright side, with a heart that is "more than half full," is actually excellent for your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
  • Friendship is Powerful Medicine

    Eating well and exercising regularly are both essential to physical, mental and emotional well being, but there is something else that contributes to overall thriving, and that is friendship. Friendship is POWERFUL medicine.
  • Resolve to Evolve - A New Year in Balance

    Resolve to evolve in 2020. January can set forth the inspiration as well as the energy for reviving our intentions and raising our actions. The New...
  • Life As Our First Course

    Look at your life as it stands today. Does your present occupation support you, not just financially but emotionally? Whatever you need to do to make your relationship with your job feel good, become meaningful, and fulfill you, make those changes now.
  • Becoming a Channel of Unbridled Love

    When we choose to become a channel of unbridled love, we, ourselves not only become happier, but others around us become happier as well. Choo...
  • Gratitude is the Gift that Keeps On Giving

    Our emotions are influenced by the emotions of others and vice versa. This works in the positive and the negative sense of emotional contagion, which ties us back to the idea of peopling our lives with positive people who lift us up, not bring us down. 
  • Eudaimonia – A Force for Good in Life and in Health

    You may have been hearing and reading about chronic inflammation as a driver for devastating diseases from Alzheimer’s to heart disease and many ty...
  • Exercise and the Brain

    Several studies affirm the ability of exercise to protect our brains. People with the highest level of activity were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease compared to people who are inactive.