Becoming a Channel of Unbridled Love

When we choose to become a channel of unbridled love, we, ourselves not only become happier, but others around us become happier as well. Choose to “out love” any mistake that you have held against yourself or others. 

Be the source of positive vibes. You have a choice every moment to express your appreciation for your life and all its gifts, from being able to breathe a deep breath to witnessing a child laugh or holding the hand of someone you love.

Doing what you love is an empowering process of opening your heart and giving yourself the gift of what you love. Happiness is a state of living and being that is yours to create and to openly ask for more of.

In becoming happier, we boost our experiences of joy, contentment, love, pride, and awe. We also improve our energy levels, our immune systems, and our engagement with work and with other people. As we become happier, we improve our feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem and we come to truly believe that we are worthy human beings deserving of respect and success. As we become happier, those around us will also become happier—including society at large.