Resolve to Evolve - A New Year in Balance

Resolve to evolve in 2020. January can set forth the inspiration as well as the energy for reviving our intentions and raising our actions. The New Year can sweep us up in the excitement of newness and possibility. Even so, many of us fall into the “resolution trap” of over-committing and in a few weeks (or days) we wind up feeling like we have failed to change -- our diets, our body, and our lives. We can find ourselves back where we started, looking for a lifeline to resurrect our faith in the year to come. We can connect with a lifeline right now and revive our belief in our ability to make this year your best ever.

Success is much more readily achieved in regards to making positive changes with our self care and our health when we do two things: treat and see the changes as a lifestyle and break it down into simple and practical pieces to express and experience every day. Consider a lifestyle of balance encompassing four areas that support each other: mind/mindset, fitness, diet/nourishment and rest and renewal.

Having new thoughts and an affirmative mindset allows for all things that you desire now and in the future to be realized. Open to the idea that eating healthier, creating and enjoying time to exercise and experiencing a life of balance and fulfillment is not about gathering more will power or trying to find more sustained motivation. Instead consider willingness over will power and inspiration over motivation. Willingness is about opening your mind and allowing the innate good and well-being to flow through you as you. Inspiration is a sustainable energy from within, whereas motivation most often comes from without. We tend to look outside of ourselves to be or keep being motivated and that outer dependency is non- sustainable at best. When we are inspired we are moved from a place of full faith and knowing. We are on fire with divine purpose.

Fitness and regular exercise goals are some of the most popular and potentially most challenging intentions that are set each January. Many perceived roadblocks tend to interfere with successful execution of these goals; time, boredom and fear may be some of them. You can move through each of those roadblocks by embracing fitness and exercise as an integral part of your usual daily activities. Here’s how: Look at your day and your many activities as opportunities to move. In the morning when you are about to get out of bed take a few minutes and stretch from bed or next to your bed when you get up. While brushing your teeth you can perform modified squats in front of the sink. While waiting for your coffee to brew or your tea water to boil give your chest, shoulders and triceps some affirmative attention by doing some modified upright push-ups from the counter-top. Bust a yoga move and hold it with zeal for few seconds in a cubicle, office hallway and or parking garage -- it’s all good! Take the furthest parking spot from the entrance and “seize” the stairs with enthusiasm. Moving from this new fitness paradigm allows for overcoming the time, boredom and hopefully fear roadblocks as you can create what feels right to you anytime, any-how and any-way!

This year open to the idea of moving away from weight LOSS and move towards vitality GAIN. When you put your attention on your intention to feel great, to have sustained energy and clarity you will be more naturally drawn to choosing foods that support that intention. Healthy weight release and successful weight management will be a side effect. Add whole, unprocessed foods to your everyday eating plan. Choose foods that support your desired experience of vitality including a wide variety of colorful vegetables rich in life-giving antioxidants, lean proteins that are low in saturated fats and heart-healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and wild fish. Keep your metabolic fires burning by being mindful of meal planning and not meal skipping. This will naturally support you in steering clear of portion distortion. Embrace the true definition of the word diet which is, way of life, and eat to live (not live to eat.)

You can bring your cycle of balance full circle with your intention to experience both rest and renewal each and every day. Respect and honor the art of rest by turning off the news, closing the newspaper and anything else that encourages fear or feelings of separateness. Design evening rituals that allow for gracefully moving from “doing” to “being” through Spirited reading and reflection, writing in your gratitude journal. Appreciate the many blessings that you experience this day and the knowing of many more to come this year.