Think Globally-Act Locally

From Dr. James

As a young child growing up in Vermont I was surrounded by people my parents called "hippies". These lovers of life and freedom demonstrated for me the power of beliefs, non-violence and living with love and lightness. In my small town, rarely a VW bus was without my favorite bumper sticker urging me to Think Globally-Act Locally.  That sentiment has had a profound effect on my life. We are called to move the world by moving our minds. How awesome is it to truly embrace this truth and leverage your mind-muscle to make the world more magnificent through your thinking and actions?!

Consider the power that comes with eating with a greater purpose. You never eat alone. The foods we choose have the power to create greater hormonal harmony, a more positive disposition and a higher vibration of energy not only in our own bodies but actually in others around us. Enjoy the empowerment that can come with knowing that with each snack, meal or dessert we are setting the tone for how we show up to and for the world around us. The more whole the food, the more sacred the physiological experience. By you filling your plate with mineral-dense grains like quinoa and steel-cut oats, healthy omega-rich walnuts and flaxseeds, and antioxidant-packed, dark green leafy kale or broccoli, and carotenoid-blessed yams and sweet potatoes, the global community will be fed by your demonstration of vitality and consciousness.

You move and the whole world moves with you. All motion creates positive emotion. When you run, dance, jump, skip and play with your body in movement you create a cascade of chemicals that will transform your mind, body and those around you. Can you skip without without feeling good...return from a walk and not feel better than before you began?! Movement creates more movement. Research shows that in the community's where neighbors are seen exercising more people will begin to exercise. When you decide to "just do it"...there is a good chance that the Jones's and everyone else will want to keep up with you too.

Exuberance is beautiful and contagious. You are eating, moving, and thinking for more than yourself. Be grateful and bold with this blessing.  Show the world what being on fire with purpose looks, feels and acts like. Demonstrate how being in love with living well will change your body/mind and transform the world!