Meet Dr. James 

Dr. James Rouse is a highly authentic, energized, and purpose-driven leader. As a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, athlete, husband and father, Dr. James has personal, clinical and professional understanding of what it takes to create and sustain a life we love. From Fortune 50 boardrooms to nationally broadcast media, Dr. James has served and inspired seasoned billionaires, world class athletes and budding entrepreneurs. James brings his love for human potential and his passion for serving to curate high performing cultures from start-ups to multinational corporations. James is a teacher of "what works" that allows both environments to thrive. His enthusiasm for helping us all to realize our potential is contagious and his commitment to showing us how to have success in our whole life is unsurpassed.

Meet Dr. Debra 

Dr. Debra Rouse is a naturopathic doctor with over 21 years of experience as an integrative doctor utilizing holistic Western medicine and alternative and complementary approaches to healing. She is an award-winning author, researcher, entrepreneur, problem solver, and healthy lifestyle expert who empowers others to take charge of their health and discover their innate healing wisdom. Dr. Debra inspires and empowers women of all ages to thrive through self-care and inner wisdom. She recognizes the unique and collective powers that all living beings possess in order to create balance, joy, abundance, and radiant health. Her most joyous roles in life are being a mother to two amazing daughters and being married to Dr. James for over twenty-five years.